Giving HeART

It’s often been said that art has the power to heal. An online charity art exhibition, Giving HeART further believes that art can be expressions of compassion and community spirit. Funds raised through the sale of artworks go toward initiatives run by civic groups providing Covid-relief and eldercare.

Launched on the occasion of A Magazine’s first anniversary, Giving HeART is a collaborative effort between the publication and a team of kindred Singaporeans — both at home and overseas — who share in a commitment and desire to pay our blessings forward.

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic disrupting livelihoods, stretching resources, and placing greater stresses on the vulnerable, there is no more urgent a time than now to come together in the spirit of solidarity.

Well-known Singaporean artists Jowena Liang and Shirley Bok have donated their artworks to this charity exhibition, and thanks to their generosity, Giving HeART targets to raise more than S$30,000 for The Saturday Movement. For nearly a decade, the charity has held community gatherings and provided hot lunches and essentials to the elderly poor. Since early April this year, The Saturday Movement has launched the Adopt A Bento initiative to provide more than 17,000 nutritious meals to both healthcare frontliners and the elderly.

Though a modest initiative, Giving HeART believes that art, as well each and every individual, has the power to catalyse positive impact.


Members Residing in Singapore

Laura Lim
Apical Media

Shirley Bok
Artist stationed in Singapore

Raymond Khoo
Chef-Owner of The Peranakan

Members Residing in Hong Kong

Sarah O
Finance Professional in Hong Kong

Jowena Liang
Artist stationed in Hong Kong

Desi Yong
Giving HeART Logistics Lead


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